Company background:

Established in London in 1992, DN Designs is an interior design company that has since expanded into creating its own line of furniture and home accessories.

The idea of putting together a range of desirable products that could tempt even those who “have seen everything” started in 2002.



2 British Interior Design Association (BIDA)
awards for outstanding design and quality

2005: at Decorex for “millefeuille” tieback
2003: at Pulse for “marshmallow” ottoman
What we do:

A collection of beautiful furniture and objects produced in a sustainable way, with an emphasis on natural materials and sensitive expertise. Given this freedom, design creates a dialogue between tradition and innovation; the human hand tracing the lines of a contemporary poetry with technology and craftsmanship working together to generate mutual communication, restoring meaning and veracity to the object.

Each designed piece is a reinterpretation of a recognizable oriental design, structure, or motif.
It challenges the conventional perspectives by pushing the boundaries.

The result is art and design which is cohesive, narrative and provides an accurate, modern definition of Orientalism.
Timeless objects that evoke elegance and a subtle sensuality.

Each individual piece maintains the hand-made quality that the company has established over the years.

Unique and custom made piece available upon request.

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